Cleaning & Care

Cleaning & Care

In order to prevent bacteria buildup and possible infection we recommend you follow these guidelines in cleaning and care of your PAP equipment. You should also check out recommended Maintenance & Replacement Supplies to review the Medicare replacement schedule that ensures your equipment be maintained in the best possible condition to ensure you achieve therapy compliance.

Daily Care:

  • Each morning wipe down your nasal pillows or the gel portion of your mask with a warm wet wash cloth (or a CPAP Mask Wipe) which will prevent buildup of facial oil

  • If you find you are getting a buildup of facial oil on the gel/cushion area of your mask or nasal pillows, washing with soapy water may be necessary (NEVER alcohol as a cleaner)

  • Enter your humidification chamber letting the chamber air dry all day before refilling with distilled water for use the next night.

Weekly Care:

  • Wash out your tubing with warm soapy water and then rinse and air dry all day (alternatively use a Tube Cleaning System this system includes a hose hanger, tube cleaning wand and specially formulated cleaning pads)

  • Wash the filter at the back of your machine (the dark colored one, the white colored filter is not to be washed) – it can be simply washed under a running tap and then press between a towel before laying out to completely dry before reinstalling

  • Wash your headgear and your full mask with warm soapy water

  • Wipe down your PAP machine with a warm damp cloth (or a CPAP Mask Wipe)

Monthly Care:

  • Wash your tubing in one part white vinegar and two parts water – be sure to rinse well and then wash in warm soapy water straight after.

Helpful Cleaning & Care Tips & Tricks:

  • If you don’t have a PAP tube hanger you can hang you tube over your shower curtain rod or a towel bar to dry (make sure it is completely air dried before next use)

  • Sit your mask on a folded towel on a table to dry

  • Headgear can be hung on a coat hanger or wall hook to dry faster

  • Make sure you wash everything in the morning so there is ample time to dry before use that night

  • Headgear can be machine washed but it is best washed by hand

  • Do not wash anything in a dishwasher!

  • NEVER use alcohol as a cleaning agent

  • Be sure to use a pure soap such as Ivory, Neutrogena or Jergens for cleaning (anti-bacterial or skin softening soap is not recommended).