Compliance Technology

We use technology to help you maintain therapy compliance

When we started we did not have technology to help us help you be therapy compliant. Frankly, people want to please and patients would often tell our respiratory therapists things (like how many hours a night they were using their equipment) that were not true. Over time we developed a proprietary IT compliance system we call Download on Demand® (DoD). Our DoD software takes the raw data from the wireless modem fitted to your equipment then parses it into a compliance report that your respiratory therapist uses when making compliance calls to you (30 days after setup and every 90 days thereafter) and in that way helps you maintain therapy compliance using real time data..

If you are not therapy compliant at 14 days after setup the DoD system triggers an exception report. Your respiratory therapist will then phone you to talk through and solve any issue that is preventing you from using your equipment. This is important as statistics show if you are therapy-compliant in the first 30 days then you are very likely to remain compliant.

You can also take a proactive stance in managing your own compliance using our Download on Demand app available on the iOS App Store (for both iPhone and iPad) and Google Play for Android. The app allows you to easily review your key compliance stats, set compliance goals, get help for common problems, and update your latest contact and insurance information.

Further upgrades to DoD will be released by late 2015 including a portal for doctors to search and review compliance information from any patient referred to us.

We communicate with your doctor throughout the process

Another reason doctors really like the way we do business is because of the way we communicate with them. Our Patient Care Live software automatically notifies your doctor at every step: when we receive your referral, when we approve you for setup and when your setup has been completed.

The DoD software also automatically faxes your compliance reports to your doctor at the end of a compliance call with a therapist. While equipment manufacturers have their own compliance portals that your doctor can access for compliance information, it’s a very slow process. Logging into and out of different portals (for different equipment manufacturers) and manually pulling up information patient-by-patient, is very time consuming. It's nearly impossible if you are working with hundreds (or in our case, many thousands) of patients. Delivering compliance reports via DoD really helps your doctor.